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Picture of the VersaClimber LX and LXC

VersaClimber LX and LXC

  • Distributor: Sammons Preston Rolyan
  • Functional Level One: Motor
  • Type of Adaptation: Equipment Adaptation
  • Description: The VersaClimber LX and LXC allows step and climb action to work the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, back legs and buttocks. Adjustable handgrips can be configured into a running or climbing position. The LX model has a two-chain design that allows users to move the right arm and right leg simultaneously.
  • Notes: The LXC model is the clinical Versa Climber and features a three-chain design that allows users to move right arm and left leg simultaneously.
  • This equipment is listed under the follwing multiple categories:

    1. Fitness : Fitness Equipment : Arm Strengthener
    2. Fitness : Fitness Equipment : Chest Strengthener
    3. Fitness : Fitness Equipment : Shoulder Strenghener

    Last Updated: 2006-01-13 09:11

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