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What is AIMS?  Why was it developed?

AIMS is a newly developed online system designed to promote accessible physical activity by enabling the public to search for inclusive fitness opportunities through it’s online directory.  The system provides a comprehensive directory of fitness and recreational facitlities located in Jefferson and Shelby County that previously did not exist.  Each location has been evaluated with the online survey which includes an in-depth accessibility analysis of the facility, the staff, and the individual activities offered by the facility.  AIMS is a unique system because the information collected through the survey allows us to map available accessible facilities in Jefferson and Shelby County as well as the inclusive adaptations offered by those facilities.

How does AIMS work?

Filter2 Filter1

The search features of AIMS are designed to be user friendly, allowing people to quickly and easily discover if:  a) facilities are accessible, b) what activities they offer, and c) if these activities offer inclusive adaptations.  To do this, from the home page, users select their fitness activity of choice from greater than 55 different fitness ativities currently found in the AIMS directory.  Users can further filter thier searches (see above pictures) by location or specific building features they desire (ex: accessible doors, accessible bathroom stall, accessible pool, etc).  From here, AIMS will map all facilities that meet the search criteria.  We encourage users to click through each facility listed to see the detailed analysis of each location in order to make informed decisions.  Our desire to be transparent and thorough in order to maximize user information is apparent in the information shared on each facility’s page.  The analysis will include several things that can all be noted in the Oak Mountain State Park example below:

  1. A list of all fitness activities  offered at the facility and if they are Wheelchair Accessible (highlighted in green)
  2. Accessible features of the facility (Parking, entrance, information, restrooms, etc.)
  3. Detailed Accessibility Information (Inclusive adaptations offered for each activity, details on facility accessibility)
  4. Pictures of the facility and basic facility information (directions, hours, telephone number, basic cost information)
  5. Links to their Website, Social Media pages, and External reviews.

Search Results                 Search Results2

How is AIMS being developed and who can submit a report?

We currently have a team of UAB DPT and OT students that have evaluated and submitted reports as we developed the system.  As AIMS goes forward we have several goals.  First, we hope to receive comments about personal experiences with our already existing facilities as well as any facility updates that may have occurred since the evaluation.  Next, we encourage users to use the online survey to submit new resources to be used in our directory.  Upon submission, we will review the information and supplement areas if needed before being published in the directory.  Lastly, we hope to extend the reach of AIMS to other counties in order to provide a more profound impact on the public through the directory of inclusive activities and accessible facilities.


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