The Wheelchair Shopper

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The Wheelchair Shopper
<h2>The Wheelchair Shopper</h2> <h4><em>Students: Chris Wyatt, Ryan Holmes, Antonio Chamblin, Tony Horton</em> <em>Client: UCP of Greater Birmingham – Children’s Day Care</em></h4> &nbsp; Parents of children in wheelchairs are in need of a device to which they may attach the child’s wheelchair to make shopping an easier experience.  Currently, many such parents have to push their child in front of them, while towing the shopping cart behind them when they go shopping.  This is especially troublesome for a single parent.  The current devce (Figure 11) provides a strong and stable carrying unit that attaches to a child’s wheelchair and eliminates the need for the parents to keep up with two separate devices in the store.  The device is for use with manual (non-motorized) wheelchairs.  The device was constructed to meet the following requirements: storage capacity at least 1.95 cubic feet (3354 cubic inches) and support of at least 85 lbs. of groceries; once folded down the shopper is no larger than 36 in. x 36 in. x 18 in. for easy storage; weight does not exceed 25 lbs; assembled and connected to the wheelchair within 1.5 minutes and able to travel up a grade of 6% (ANSI Standard A117.1-1986). <a href="" target="_blank"><img class="alignleft wp-image-728 size-thumbnail" src="" alt="12 - wheelchair shopper" width="150" height="150" /></a> <em>Figure 12.  The Wheelchair Shopper.  The addition attaches easily to a manual wheelchair and allows the parent to safely push the basket and child together</em>.

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