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A Portable Indoor Swing Set

Students: David Downs, Alan Williams, Chad Duke Client: UCP of Greater Birmingham – Children’s Day Care


In this case the design problem was for a portable swing set for indoor use by children ages 2-4, under 50 lbs. in weight. The device was to meet all appropriate playground equipment standards, be easily assembled and disassembled and easily transported by staff women traveling in a Minivan.  It should provide for translational swinging and accommodate interchangeable seating, including a hammock seat. The completed device is shown in Figure 11. The top support bar is AISI 1020 cold drawn steel tubing, which attaches to the upper leg units via two assembly fixtures welded together and reinforced with a gusset plate made of 1/16-in sheet metal. Four upper leg sections and four lower leg sections attach at joints where a 1.75 in. diameter tube is welded to the lower leg unit, which slips over the upper leg unit and locks in place with quick release pins. The suspension system consists of climbing rope (yield strength 3000 lb.) and caribiners (yield strength = 2500 lb.). A hammock swing and a “Teddy Bear Swing” and a ratcheting system were purchased from commercial vendors. The entire swing set is disassembled and transported in a plastic golf bag on wheels that easily holds the disassembled components. The swing is being used in Early Intervention service delivery in satellite programs which involve visting locations in rural Alabama.  Having the portable swing means that more than one child at a time can benefit from the use of suspension equipment in different locations throughout UCP.

11 - portable indoor swing set


Figure 11.  The portable swing set, shown with hammock seat attached.  The device is shown assembled, and can be disassembled in minutes, and stored in a plastic golf bag for transporting to other sites.