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Kid-Friendly Communicator Stands

Client Coordinator: Michael Smith, UCP Hand-in-Hand


Many children with severe disabilities have trouble with oral communication and therefore rely upon some form of device through which they may “say” words and phrases.  These devices are typically the size of a laptop computer and weigh up to 7 pounds.  Staff at UCP Hand-in-Hand reported a need for communicator stands that could be support communicator boxes during “Circle Time” (kids on the floor in a circle) and outside in the playground.  The goal of the current design is, therefore, to design more adaptive communicator attachment/stand systems that allowed variable positioning and were designed for the different indoor and outdoor scenarios.  The design was to be lightweight, portable, versatile, adjustable, safe, aesthetically pleasing, lock in positioning and be simple to use.

Eight design teams completed eight very different designs, five for indoor use that emphasized aesthetics and three for the playground that emphasized functionality.  Examples of two of the resulting designs are shown in Figure 31.

31 - communicator stands131 - communicator stands2
Figure 27. (left) outdoor and (right) indoor communicator stands