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Rectech is dedicated to using technology to promote more healthy, active lifestyles for people with disabilities. The research literature provides overwhelming evidence that physically active lifestyles are associated with a long and impressive list of physical and psychological health benefits, improved quality of life, and increased independence. Unfortunately, a variety of environmental, physical and social barriers substantially limit opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in this important health behavior. The exigencies of contemporary life make activities of recreation, leisure and exercise a critical component of a healthy, satisfying and productive life. Rectech focuses on four areas of research and development that are key to promoting health and function and community participation for people with disabilities: 1) increasing access to the environments, equipment, and programs associated with healthy, active lifestyles; 2) encouraging greater participation in healthful levels of physical activity; 3) promoting adherence to being physically active on a regular basis, ideally every day; and 4) expanding the knowledge base on health and function outcomes of physical activity for people with disabilities.