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Exercise and Sport Science Laboratory

The Exercise and Sport Science Laboratory houses a variety of equipment dedicated to comprehensive health promotion and sport science research. In addition to the exercise testing equipment, the lab contains telecoaching stations used to monitor individuals as they are active in their homes and communities. The telehealth system will enable those who cannot physically come to the facility to work with a fitness coach to increase physical fitness and function. This diverse and unique laboratory allows for cutting edge research and endless opportunities for collaborations with top researchers in the field.

Strength: Leg Press, Biodex System 3 Isokinetic Dynamometer

Cardiovascular: Arm Ergometer, Woodway Treadmill, Wheelmill System, Upper Body Arm Ergometer, Parvo TruOne Metabolic Cart, Cosmed K4b2 Portable Metabolic Device, Wheelmill

Body Composition: GE Lunar DXA Scan, DETECTO medical weight analyzer

Gait and Balance: Biodex Balance System, GaitRite Portable Gait Analysis System, Biodex Unweighting System

Innovative Adaptive Technology Projects: Video gaming consoles (XBOX One, PlayStation 3, Wii), Adapted gaming board and touch pads
Telehealth Coaching stations; Advanced Virtual Exercise and Environment Device (AVEED)

For more information contact the UAB Research Collaborative (205) 313-7455.

UAB School of Health Professions

he UAB School of Health Professions (SHP) is one of the largest health professions schools in the nation with more than 20 innovative programs at the baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degree levels within five departments.

The Alabama State Legislature created the school in 1969 to prepare healthcare professionals and technicians for medically underserved areas of Alabama and to assure consistent academic and clinical training in a medical center setting.
SHPB FountainToday, students continue to develop skills and expertise in some of healthcare’s most challenging fields. Since SHP is one of the six schools comprising the world-renowned UAB Academic Health Center, students are exposed to vast resources, state-of-the-art facilities and progressive research during their academic and clinical education.

SHP is proud of many accomplishments including:

  • U.S. News & World Report ranks several SHP programs in the nation’s top 25
  • Research funding is rapidly approaching the $12-million level
  • The school is at the top of the list in research funding from the National Institutes of Health for schools of its type and has been either first or second in funding received since 1969
  • Several SHP programs are the only ones of their kind in Alabama
  • All of the school’s programs with professional accrediting agencies are fully accredited by those associations.

The School of Health Professions is housed in two buildings, the School of Health Professions Building (SHPB) and Webb Building. We also share the Learning Resource Center (LRC) with the School of Nursing. That facility comprises the electronic media center and the clinical simulation and skills labs.

For more information contact the UAB Research Collaborative (205) 313-7455.

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